Adagio AccountingSolutions 

Adagio Ledger provides a complete General Ledger for your business. Batch transaction management ensures only balanced entries are posted to your ledger. Learn More

Adagio Payables provides complete accounts payable management for your business. Track amounts owed to vendors, improve cash flow by maximizing early payment discounts and speed check productionLearn More

Adagio Invoices combines flexible formatting like unlimited line items and lengthy descriptions with Windows power and ease of use. Learn More 

Adagio Receivables integrates with Softrak's Adagio OrderEntry, Adagio Invoices and/or Time&Billing to provide complete receivables management for your business whether you bill time or sell products. Learn More

Adagio BankRec provides a centralized module to manage your cash position. Find out your current bank balances with a single mouse click. Learn More

Adagio FX can be used to combine multiple entities in a single financial statement, let others access their own security controlled financial statements without allowing them access to change the underlying data, and... Learn More 

 Payroll for Adagio 

Retrieving a PayDirt Payroll batch into Adagio Ledger is the same as retrieving any other Adagio subledger batch; Adagio Ledger recognizes PayDirt as a subledger and properly assigns the transactions when retrieving them. But the interaction with Adagio goes further. PayDirt Payroll can also properly send transactions to Adagio BankRec making it easy to reconcile all your bank transactions in one place. For Adagio users without the BankRec module, a payroll batch can be sent through Adagio Payables allowing all payroll cheques to be cleared there.  Learn More

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